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About Parkspace Solutions

We are Park Space Solutions

We have solution of all your traffic and parking planning - Make you aware with worldwide solutions available for traffic control. Having more than 20 years of experience in the parking management industry and having crafted efficient parking solutions to one and all, Parkspace is your One-stop parking solutions provider you can trust upon

The team at Parkspace includes smart parking planning architects, Civil engineers, robotic researchers and well-travelled who understand the current scenario, forecast the future and devise smart parking systems and equipment to cope with these scenarios. Our team is extensively connected with the parking and traffic issue related research forums throughout the world in the USA, Germany, UK, Australia and Africa. We strive to research and solve the traffic related issues with innovative technologies and well proven systems and technology of the developed countries. We are focused to solve the future needs of traffic and parking for better lifestyle.

We believe in planning before the chaos happens of traffic and educate the infrastructure and city planning industries and sectors/divisions with worldwide methods and technologies regarding parking and traffic management.

Our Team

We Are Team Of Professionals

Meet our greatest people. Our staff of CEO, Architects, Designers and Parking Specialist lead the company, providing project management and hard technical skills, and represent our mission and values.

Mr Kartik Kothari (Founder)

With 30 years of experience in automobile field Mr Kartik Kothari had a vision to lead the parking industry with futuristic approach.He brings the mature and curated approach to the working of company .

As a pioneer and leader into automation and automobile industry, he caters the company with his reach experience of working with car company giants like Maruti, Mercedez Benz , Toyota and Mahindra

The approach and visionary solution by him are benchmark to develop company and methodology of working .

Parkspace solutions is developing its wings under the guidance of Mr Kartik Kothari at every step.

Ms Hiral Dudharejia (CEO & Director)

She is the lead planner and consultant to all the projects which company caters.

She completed her B tech in electronic and communication from SP university.

With 15 years of vast experience in parking field she caters clients with her acute technical skills and solutions. She has worked in product development and manufacturing of various parking companies.

She believes in applying various methodology to solve every problem.

She believes in thorough planning and research before drafting the final policy of parking in each project.

She believes that major parking issues can be solved only with early stage parking consultation for the infrastructure development.

Parkspace is growing day by day with her execution methods and working abilities.

Ms Aditi Bhatnagar (Principal Architect)

Aditi is Masters in Architecture from Lukhnow university with 12 years of experience in urban development and city planning .

When it comes to planning and designing of parking basement , Aditi puts her entire learning into actions.

She firmly believes that any building’s first identity is its parking and before any area,parking has to be planned properly in any building .

She takes care of designing and interior part of the entire project and with her great skills of aesthetic she makes basements alive.

Most of parkspace clients are amazed with the designing part of the basements which surely is the alone work done by Aditi.

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