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Digital Signages

When it comes to a master plan for parking lots, there are some trends and needs to consider. A well-designed way finding signage system and lighting solution can meet censorious way finding information, expanding utilization and visualise, lessen confusion and boosting security. Our experts provide you Way finding and lighting solutions in parking facilities including Entry signs, Vehicle signs, Pedestrian signs, access control equipment, convex mirrors, column guards, Colour coding, Level theming as well as Illuminated signs and LED lighting.

However digital signage is a term generally associated with marketing and promoting platforms, it can also be used for extensive information posting as well.

Digital signages can either be dynamic or static. Meaning that it can be an collaborative touch screen, where the user can steer, or it can just be a digital map that does not have the capacity to be linked with. Some examples of digital wayfinding can be found in:

Malls :-

Malls are maybe the most famous place where digital signage is used. If you have any time into a mall, probability are you have seen one of various large maps that appear all the stores, the floor plans, all of which is generally color coded by type of Parking Basement,store, food etc.

Commercial buildings :-

Most new developed commercial buildings will also have digital signages & wayfinding of several kind.

GPS :-

GPS, Google Maps etc. are all technically examined digital wayfinding as well.

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