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IOT based customised software for parking

Parkspace Solution presenting cashless pay-by-phone IOT based app to India, and across the world.

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This cashless payment amalgation solution has transformed parking world-wide. This is a rapidly world emerging technology is a necessity part of foreshadow. Smart phones are doubtless section of our routine life, thus engaging systems to satisfaction of our customers and your clients is our priority. By using a cashless system this permit clients to easily pay for parking by Smartphone.

How does it beneficial for client?
  • Effortless and easy activity for users to book for parking.
  • No consuming time queuing and looking for Ticketing or Display Machines.
  • No more waste of money paying for parking.
  • No cash require for paying – just a credit/debit card/mobile wallet
  • Your citizen no longer requirement to arrange visitor parking grants weeks in before.
Why has smart app system in your car park?
  • Generate profit from your space anyhow huge or small.
  • No cash on site bring down the danger of escape, duplicity, fraud or insufficient activity.
  • Consider your return client patterns.
  • Set up replicate parking packages for business users

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